Month: November 2013

  • Google Hangouts Integrates SMS, Doesn’t Violate Privacy

    Our favorite privacy violator has updated Hangouts to include SMS (text) integration. According to a fierce debate, Google opted not to include SMS backups to their cloud in fear of user privacy concerns. Google is already all over my privacy so uploading my sms’ to their cloud doesn’t bother me. The stuff they got on me…

  • Google is Spying on Us

    Google Keep is cool because it has search. However, they should let you share cards so that individual cards can become visible to several people. A Public checklist for example, or instructions to give someone. They should be editable by participants or locked but visible. I think it could work and it teaches Google what…

  • Being Weird is Good

    Lady Gaga isn’t a marketing genius. She is a weirdo. Richard Branson isn’t a marketing genius. He’s a weirdo. All successful people are originals (weirdos) and the rest strive to copy them. Be weird. Be original. Maybe you’ll be successful at what you do. But WEIRDNESS is a must.

  • When Software Piracy is OK

    Software piracy is bad in most cases, especially when it involves frivolously indulging in all kinds of loot found on The Pirate Bay for the sake of simple entertainment. But what about the first-time entrepreneur who self-teaches a pirated copy of Photoshop to make a logo for her first website? Or the YouTube poster who tries his…

  • Tubing in Laos, Vang Vieng – Party Video (HD)

    I took this video in Vang Vieng, Laos in 2012. I threw some Gucci Mane on top to make it bump!

  • Site Updated

    The site has been updated and refurbished from the ground up. Some parts were recycled and others were simply improved.