Quote of the Day: Ideas

Ideas are nothing without execution. Execution is nothing without ideas.

– Karl

This is an inevitable truth. Ideas are the most powerful thing on earth. They shape countries, they define people and they hold our future. It is your responsibility to humanity to execute your ideas; only you have them. But don’t go around executing things that are uninspiring and lack any serious intelligent thought. It’s a drag on humanity and results in things like the DMV*.

*The DMV is the most inefficient waste-of-life bureaucracy in America.

Google Censors the Pirate Bay

Google’s slogan is do no evil. After reading the latest headlines about Google’s decision to censor The Pirate Bay in its auto-complete results it had me wondering if it’s time to abandon ship. It’s not the first time Google censors things – they have censored many piracy-related search terms over the past to pull their weight in the war against online piracy. But what are the implications?

If you are cataloging the web, should you really tamper with the results? When you grow big and powerful enough things eventually start to change, even if you are do-no-evil-Google. They are no longer a simple cataloger of the web but a massive multinational corporation employing thousands of people in over 30 countries and hundreds of cities around the world. Their catalog has grown so big and influential that they feel inclined to employ a moral compass to guide people in what they believe to be the right direction.

And this is where Google stumbles down the slippery slope of loosing touch with its humble beginnings. Google no longer feels like the online unbiased buddy you could turn to with any question whenever you needed help with finding your way digitally. Maybe DuckDuckGo will serve us better with its privacy and anonymity.