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  • Tubing in Laos, Vang Vieng – Party Video (HD)

    I took this video in Vang Vieng, Laos in 2012. I threw some Gucci Mane on top to make it bump! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz29tloCTck

  • Jira from Atlassian Sucks

    Jira, the project management and bug tracking software from Atlassian SUCKS BIG TIME. It sucks so much that I had to log into my website and write this rant even though I have a thousand other more pressing things to do. Jira and it’s lack of brilliance is the most irritating piece of software I…

  • Hiring a Technical Person

    I ran into a post about software developer interviews on The Daily WTF. It was full of software developers complaining about business people and how they are stupid. I’ve interviewed countless people and the game works the same except when it comes to software developers. If a non-tech person shows up for an interview they do…

  • The Secret to Success Revealed

    $13 million is not bad in cash. I have a feeling this is a brick and mortar-type guy. Who deposits $300,000 in checks? Probably a car salesman. Congratulations, secret millionaire.

  • Microsoft Sucks at Product Presentations

    Screwing up a presentation is pretty easy, especially if you work for Microsoft. Just volunteer to present any of their cutting-edge products and the rest will sort itself out. Microsoft has an impressive history of embarrassing product presentations. It has become almost a tradition for each new iteration of Windows to crash on-stage to everyone else’s amusement. The…

  • Top Three Best Genres

    If I had to pick three genres to be stuck with listening to for the rest of my life, it would be Jazz, Reggae and…

  • Avoid Being a Resource Hog

    If you have ever worked in a corporate setting this picture will speak to you. If you have never worked in a corporate setting this picture will deter you.

  • You Live and You Die with Your Choices

    Someone should have shown Ervin McKinness this picture before driving drunk. The up-and-coming rapper reportedly tweeted YOLO (you only live once) before dying minutes later in a high-speed car crash due to drinking and driving. Four people got killed, and he drove 120 mph. My condolences and, see above.