Thoughts on Relativity

Protons can sporadically appear and disappear. They are subatomic and infinitely small and of almost no mass.

The universe could also have been created in a similar fashion, and will disappear in a similar fashion. But becausue of its mass, there is more inertia and time distorts and gets slower.

For a proton to instantaneously appear and then disappear almost immediately later seems really fast to us. It can happen because of its close-to-nothing mass and almost no inertia.

Measuring the age of a human in proton years makes it seem really long. Measuring the age of the earth in human years makes it seem very long. Measuring the age of our galaxy in earth years makes it seem really really long because of its mass. And measuring the age of the universe in galaxy years makes it seem really really (really) long. What happens if we measure the age of whatever the universe is part of in universe years? Probably long to the point where time stops completely, just like before the big bang.

Each step involves more mass, more mass involves more inertia and more inertia means slower time or a slower cycle. So, the universe could be just like the proton that appears from nowhere and disappears as quick, but on a universally grander and slower scale.

We are so small and live such a small fragment of this entire process that it seems eternal to us.


3 responses to “Thoughts on Relativity”

  1. This piece shows a complete misunderstanding of how to apply proportional relativistic principles. It doesn’t work this way Fareed.

    By using your logic, I should disappear and reappear myself in a few hours. Everything disappears and reappears depending on Inertia? I guess you figured out Magicians, they just have to measure their assistant’s Inertia to guess their reappear-disappearance pattern.

    Stick to your day job (answering phones at the Verizon call center) and leave the science to the scientists. Gotta go, my disappearance time is upon me.

    1. Thank you Stepthen Falconing for such insightful and intelligent comments. Keep’em coming.

  2. Sebastian Avatar

    I found it to be very amusing, a interestingly relative way of looking at a bigger picture. When scientists cant answer any further questions, philosophers take over. Philosophy mights sound like a “misunderstanding” to many, but then again the dancing people where thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. I’m sure even Stephen understands this reading it the first time !

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